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As part of our mission statement we want to give our students and other BYU personnel the opportunity to learn as much as they can about electron microscopy and the tasks that are involved with preparing samples for the microscope. We also understand that not all students or research groups have the time or inclination to take the time to learn the processes needed to do all of the work themselves. We therefore provide services that will allow these researchers to obtain the data they need without having to learn the skills and techniques needed to acquire these data.

Services We Provide

We will assist with or provide the appropriate sample preparation necessary to obtain the data required within the capabilities of our facility. It is the responsibility of the researcher to provide information that we may be lacking for sample preparation. We are happy to consult with the researcher(s) as needed to determine an appropriate protocol.

We also provide the expertise to run the needed equipment for the experiment. We will be most happy to have the researcher participate with us to help us obtain the needed data. We would prefer to not just have a sample dropped off with instructions. It is always more efficient to have the researcher participate with us at the microscope.

For on-campus entities, we do not charge extra for staff assistance. We would like to make our facility as accessible to the BYU community as we can.