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Subsidiary of the Research and Graduate Studies Office of the AVP

Laboratory Policies

Billing and Scheduling

  • All billing will be taken from the schedules. We do not have a good way to make sure that users actually use the time they are scheduled for. There isn't any software on our systems that tracks usage, so it is up to the user to make sure the schedule is correct for the time used. If the user is unable to make the needed corrections then please contact one of the lab personnel, preferably through email.

  • If you are more than 20 minutes late for an appointment and someone is waiting to use the microscope you will lose your scheduled microscope time and it will be given to the person who is waiting.

  • If you know you will have to miss an appointment please cancel it prior to the beginning of your appointment. If you are unable to do this then please send an email to one of the lab personnel to cancel your appointment for you.

Facility Access

  • Facility personnel are happy to work with you on your projects or to provide additional training. That being said we have many responsibilities and may not be available for more than a quick question at any given time. It is strongly recommended that if you need extensive assistance that you schedule an appointment with the staff member you need to make sure there is time to provide the service you need assistance with.

  • The BYU Electron Microscopy Facility will be staffed from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, except for University holidays. Exceptions to this will be announced through our scheduling system. A lunch break for our staff can be expected sometime around the noon hour. While the lab does not close for lunch breaks, facility personnel may not be available during lunch hours. Facility personnel will not be available during devotionals/forums as per University policy to allow students and staff to participate in these events.

  • Users with an adequate amount of experience on the microscopes, who have demonstrated adequate skill in being able to respond appropriately situations with the microscopes, and have a demonstrated need are welcome to request after hours access to the facility and the equipment for which they are trained. This needs to be coordinated with facility staff.