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Urgent Announcements

  1. With the adoption of ClusterMarket as our new scheduling/billing software we need immediate action on the part of our users (students and faculty) to help us with the transition. Our old software is not at all compatible with our new system so we cannot simply transfer our accounts from one system to the other. As of July 1, 2022 we will no longer use our old software and will only be using our new system. Users and researchers who have not transitioned to the new system WILL NOT BE ABLE TO USE OUR FACILITY.
  2. Students and other users of our facility will need to contact one of the BYU Electron Microscopy Facility staff to learn how to use the new Clustermarket system and to request access as a user. It will be their responsibility to make sure they have access to the correct microscopes and other equipment schedules AND have access to the correct projects so they can schedule appointments on the equipment.
  3. Professors and others who are responsible to fund the projects that will be used will need to fill out our form that will get us the information we need to set up the projects. The form can be found under the tab "CM Project Submission Form"

    ** Professors and others who want to monitor use of the funds associated with the projects will also need to contact facility personnel to be added to the ClusterMarket system.

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Welcome to the BYU Electron Microscopy Facility

Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED BYU Electron Microscopy Facility's Website. Here you will find access to our new scheduling and billing software Clustermarket (CM). You will also find information about our policies and what is expected of our users to keep the facility functioning smoothly and efficiently. We know there will be some growing pains during the next few weeks as we transition from our old software to our new software. We have also been working to completely redo our website. We expect to be adding content over the next several weeks to provide the information all of our users need. Please work with us and be patient as we try to improve our users experience and provide electron microscopy services well into the future.