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BYU Electron Microscopy Facility

Welcome to the BYU Electron Microscopy Facility's Website. Here you will find access to our new scheduling and billing software ClusterMarket (CM). You will also find information about our policies and what is expected of our users to keep the facility functioning smoothly and efficiently. We have been working to completely redo our website and expect to be adding content over the next several weeks to provide the information all of our users need. We look forward to providing electron microscopy services well into the future.


IMPORTANT: Please remember that it is very important to let us know what publications you have that has utilized the BYU Microscopy Facility. This is one of the ways we justify to the University that we should continue to be made available for your research. Please let us know about your publications by filling out our Publication Submission Form. It only takes a couple of minutes and helps us out considerably. Also remember to acknowledge us in your publications for any data that you may have acquired from the facility. Thanks!