Verios G4 UC

ThermoScientific Verios G4 UC SEM

The VeriosTM is the second generation of ThermoScientific’s leading XHR SEM family, offering:
Best-in-class ElstarTM Schottky Monochromated (UC) FESEM technology
Sub-nanometer resolution from 1 to 30 keV
UC gun (monochromator), constant power lenses and electrostatic scanning for accurate and stable imaging
Consistent measurement results with the ability to calibrate to a NIST certified standard at high magnification
Beam landing energies as low as 20 eV with very high resolution for true surface characterization High-sensitivity, in-column & below-the-lens detectors
Very high precision & stability, piezo-driven 100x100 mm stage in a large analytical chamber